Forcepoint offers unified web and email security solutions that offer the highest levels of protection through layer-based proactive defences, and visibility into how, where and why users interact with your critical IP.

Forcepoint, formerly known as WebSense, offers a range of security software solutions that secure web and email traffic flowing into and out of businesses against malware, hackers, staff abuse, and attacks originating from mobile sources. It also covers cloud-based data and apps, with security designed specifically for the cloud environment that lets businesses leverage their mobile workforce without putting their operations at risk.

Forcepoint’s Human Point System software operates at the transport layer as a transparent proxy, or at the application layer as a web proxy, inspecting data packets flowing into and out of corporate networks from the internet. It acts as a security mechanism to monitor and control user activity on corporate networks by allowing system admins to block access to websites and protocols for specific users based on that traffic.

With Forcepoint in place, and a single policy managing data movement across all distributed systems, businesses can monitor all activities on their networks. This includes where their critical IP is at all times, and who is interacting with it and why.

These solutions help organisations leverage all of the web technologies available today, while protecting against advanced, persistent threats, and keeping confidential information safe while also enforcing company policies when it comes to internet use and end-user security. Best of all, it’s risk-adaptive, and acts on changes in human risk to critical IP, and meets regulatory requirements no matter where your data resides.

Benefits include a low total cost of ownership, protection for all users connected to the corporate network from anywhere, on any device, and insight into the intent of your users when it comes to your organisation’s intellectual property. Forcepoint’s software is used in enterprise-size, mid-market and small organisations around the world, and can be tailored to the requirements of your business.

Forcepoint’s solutions can be sold in East Africa, West Africa, and the SADC region.

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