HID Identity Management

HID Global’s partnership with Tarsus SecureData enables our customers to secure their premises and valuable IT resources with world-class access control solutions, using cutting-edge authentication technologies that ensure end users are who they say they are.

Making sure your staff are exactly who they say they are when accessing business resources is vital to maintaining control over the modern work environment. HID Global offers high-tech identity management solutions that establish, maintain, and increase trust in end-users’ identities.

HID’s broad portfolio of strong authentication solutions make use of smart cards, OTP tokens, mobile apps, and biometrics, to confirm staff identities when accessing network resources. They can also control physical access to business premises, as well as to areas within those premises that might require restriction. Furthermore, these highly secure solutions enable enterprise, financial services, and government customers to meet their security and compliance requirements.

These products all form part of an approach to security that leverages multi-factor authentication, which brings together something a user has (a physical token of some kind), something they are (biometrics), and something they know (passwords and PIN numbers etc.). Attackers may compromise one aspect of a user’s identity, but it’s far more difficult to compromise them all, making this approach incredibly secure.

As of 2017, HID Global has issued over 100 million credentials to enterprise, government and commerce customers around the world. Two of HID Global’s products, namely their ActivID® strong authentication and smart card solutions, are in wide use by more agencies than those of any other authentication solution provider.

HID Global’s comprehensive portfolio allows them to match customers with the right solution to their identity-verification needs. Through Tarsus SecureData’s partnership with HID, we’re able to do a full evaluation of our customers’ businesses to implement the best-possible authentication solution that fits their operational and budgetary requirements.

HID products are sold by Tarsus SecureData throughout the sub-Saharan region, while training and support is provided by our skilled engineers in Johannesburg, South Africa.

For more information, send an email to hid@tarsus.co.za