In 2017, HEAT and LANDesk were merged to form Ivanti. The change was in name only - Ivanti is still a software company that provides IT management products and services, with a particular focus on endpoint computing and automating many of the tasks needed to keep those systems up to date and protected.

All of Ivanti’s products and services have been designed to help organisations gain control of their own service delivery, simplify their service management processes, acquire real-time visibility across their services and infrastructure, and orchestrate the interactions of people, process, and technology for optimum service performance.

The Ivanti Management Suite, Ivanti’s most well-known tool, handles automation templates, OS migration, remote control, software and patch distribution/testing and much more, and it’s just one service available from the company.

Tarsus SecureData works in partnership with Ivanti to distribute and service their product range, including Patch for SCCM, Patch for Windows, Device Control, and Security for Endpoints.

Ivanti Patch for SCCM maximises an organisation’s investment in SCCM to reduce security risks from unpatched non-Microsoft third-party applications. It keeps risk low and software up-to-date without adding unnecessary infrastructure or cost.

Patch for Windows offers automated patching support for Windows programs from hundreds of different vendors like iTunes, Java, Adobe, Oracle, and more.

Device Control allows admins to quickly identify and lock down endpoints to prevent unauthorised use of removable devices and ports, and to prevent unknown apps from being installed and executed – dramatically reducing exposure to attackers.

Security for Endpoints provides media protection, remote endpoint control, security diagnostics, flexible dashboards and reporting, and more, through app control and automated patch management. It detects and prevents threats before they impact on the business, and responds quickly to infections.

Ivanti’s products and solutions can be sold throughout SADC, and East and West African countries. Training is available on request at Tarsus SecureData’s Johannesburg premises.

For more information, send an email to ivanti@tarsus.co.za.