Juniper Networks delivers a wide range of networking products, designed from the ground up for high performance and reliability in real-world scenarios. Their product portfolio includes world-leading carrier-class routers, gateways, switches, firewalls (both physical and virtual), network management software, network security products and software-defined networking technology.

Juniper’s customers don’t just set out to build networks: they build on ideas that reinvent, reimagine, and improve the world around them. They do this with the innovative technologies they develop on the foundation of Juniper’s cutting-edge network technologies.

Through the development of high-performance networks, Juniper enables its customers, and by extension the world, to extend their knowledge, advance humanity, and make the world a better place. Juniper’s technologies can be found in industries as diverse as energy, healthcare, education, and many others, as core parts of the networks of companies in those sectors.

While Juniper’s innovative product and services portfolio continuously evolves, the company is looking further into the future to ensure its customers’ long-term success and survival. It does this through the constant development of features like real-time service integration, six nines reliability, and the right scalability and manageability that makes owning and operating networks based on Juniper’s technology such a pleasure.

And when it comes to threat protection, Juniper delivers it from the cloud. Juniper’s Sky Advanced Threat Protection delivers advanced anti-malware capabilities by using real-time information from the cloud to defend businesses against sophisticated cybercrimes like persistent threats and ransomware. Ransomware is a particularly nasty threat that all businesses can’t afford to fall victim to, and Juniper’s defenses against it are particularly strong.

In the end, Juniper isn’t just about networks – it’s about helping its customers do even better by properly leveraging all of the technological advances its product portfolio offers for maximum benefit.

The result? Juniper builds more than networks: they help their customers build the amazing.

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