Tarsus On Demand and iConnect SA offer SMEs complete collaboration, connectivity solution featuring Office 365

06 Dec 2018

Cloud and solutions provider iConnect is partnering with Tarsus On Demand, one of South Africa's leading hybrid cloud enablement partners, to offer bundled connectivity and Microsoft cloud solutions to South African organisations. These offerings will enable businesses to acquire their productivity and connectivity solutions from a single provider.


Microsoft aims to entice customers to the cloud with Office changes

11 Oct 2018

South African ICT resellers will benefit from a streamlined stock-keeping unit (SKU) for the on-premise edition of Microsoft Office following the launch of Office 2019 on October 2. Microsoft is releasing only a single SKU for the product that will support both Mac and Windows clients.


Demand for two-in-one notebooks on the rise in South Africa

05 Oct 2018

More and more South African consumers and businesses are investing in convertible or two-in-one mobile computers as they seek devices that offer them the versatility and functionality of a traditional notebook, paired with the portability and easy media consumption of a tablet computer.


Local Azure data centres to create new revenue streams for SA IT channel

03 Oct 2018

The imminent launch of Microsoft Azure data centres in South Africa will help dispel many of the fears still holding companies back from deploying the cloud for mission-critical applications, in turn creating a significant market opportunity for local resellers and systems integrators.


Specialist applications to drive demand for 3D scanning in South Africa

01 Oct 2018

3D scanners are starting to find a market in South Africa, as companies look for powerful and convenient ways to span the gap between digital workflows and the world of physical, three-dimensional objects. The global market for 3D scanners—which HP estimates to be worth around $7 billion a year—is expected to show good growth as vendors start to build an ecosystem to support the technology.


Ink tank printers find favour with South African home and small business users

23 Jul 2018

Tarsus Distribution is seeing growing demand for ultrahigh-capacity ink tank printers among home users and small businesses that are looking for hassle-free, affordable cartridge-free printing. Ink tank systems—such as Epson’s EcoTank ITS range— provide a low cost printing solution, plus the convenience of never needing to replace an ink cartridge.


Predictive analytics and machine learning to boost uptime and efficiency in the data centre

17 Jul 2018

Use of advanced predictive analytics and machine learning solutions in the data centre will enable organisations to vastly simplify operations, improve the support experience and bolster uptime across their enterprise infrastructures. The technology should be an important consideration for end-users as they shop for their data centre platforms. That’s according to Sascha Schmidt-Ries, HPE storage product manager at Tarsus Distribution, who says that predictive analytics and machine learning enable enterprises to automate system administration, maintenance, and problem resolution tasks. The solutions use historical and real-time data to predict issues and resolve problems, in turn reducing downtime and maximising performance.


Managed print opportunities for SA resellers

11 Jun 2018

The South African printing and document management market remains resilient, with few signs that digital technology will displace paper from business processes any time soon. However, the market is evolving and resellers need to shift towards a more solutions-based sale to reap the maximum revenues.