Redefining gaming

Feb 27, 2014

The new range of Alienware products from Dell redefines gaming in South Africa

Alienware products have always been seen as a notch above the rest; as superior gaming machines designed for a very specific target market. The brand has been through some upheavals, but Dell has spent considerable time and effort revitalising the range and delivering a new solution to the gaming arena.

Alienware is more than just fancy rigs with robust components. It¹s a brand that offers style and quality while meeting the needs of a growing casual gaming market that doesn¹t necessarily want the in-depth technology know-how that the hardcore gaming market demands, says Brett Bygate, product manager at Tarsus Technologies. Dell has devised a series of products that can be used by the average gamer without a high barrier to entry and that is a clever move for the South African channel.

According to research recently undertaken by UKIE (1), the PC market is back on the rise with the market share for PC games, both boxed and digital, rising five percent over the first two quarters of 2013 and rapidly closing the gap on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. In terms of PC games sales, the same time frame saw the PS3 accounting for 25 percent and the PC game for 22 percent.

No longer a dying device, the Gaming PC is seeing a surge in popularity over the course of 2013 and this is likely to continue well into 2014, says Bygate. Dell has seen this trend and ensured that the channel has the right products on hand.

The Core Gaming 2013 (2) report highlighted that the core gamer is no longer exclusively the young and the time-rich. It now sits at a mean age of 30 and only drops dramatically in numbers after the age of 45. This, in turn, indicates a market with a higher level of disposable income with a predilection for quality and brand identity. The Alienware range offers just that.

Dell has created a brand image around Alienware that appeals to the older gamer who can afford the rich feature set and quality, says Bygate. The range includes laptops and desktops as well as accessories that will deliver a true gaming experience to the mainstream consumer. The channel has a superb opportunity to tap into a fledgling market that wants high-level performance without the fuss.

Working with Dell also sees the channel superbly supported across the board, says Bygate. They offer a robust and well-managed channel programme that allows for growth and development, and gives the channel the right tools for moving into new markets and offering new products.