Six reasons to continue investing in learning new skills

Feb 27, 2017

By Shamini Schaaf, head of Tarsus Academy

ICT professionals who work in the channel must continue investing in building their skills if they are to meet the evolving requirements of their customers and markets. The operative word here is “invest” – the skills and success you acquire from training are even more meaningful when they are the result of personal commitment and are backed by a certification.

Here are a few good reasons why building your skills is a great investment:

Keep pace with a changing job market
The world is changing at a rapid pace and every professional needs to keep learning to stay in touch with the latest trends, technologies and practices. This isn’t just about the skills to implement a new product – it’s about staying professionally and socially relevant.

Specialise your skills
The technology world is becoming more and more complex, which favours specialists with a niche in a particular skill rather than the jack-of-all-trades. Sure, it’s important to have a grounding in the basics, but masters of a particular complex technology have real opportunities to boost their career and earning prospects.

Further your career
If you have a basic certification in a broad IT discipline, you merely have a ticket to the game. Professionals who invest in a range of technical, leadership, and business training programmes have a distinct edge in a market that values a depth of skill and knowledge.

Establish yourself as a potential leader
If you consider yourself to be a future leader or entrepreneur, you need to set time aside to learn new skills and develop your abilities. Great business leaders in the IT business might come from a background of specialisation, but they also have good knowledge of a range of business and technology disciplines. They never stop learning.

Do your bit to build a better business – and country
Investing in your skills can help your company to grow, which is especially meaningful if you own the company. What’s more, a country where people are growing and sharing their skills is more likely to prosper and be successful.

Personal enrichment and empowerment
Learning new things is empowering at a personal level. Even if you don’t apply a new skill directly in the workplace, simply learning it and striving for mastery can enrich your personal and professional life.