From pixels to voxels: digital manufacturing will fundamentally change SA markets

Jun 21, 2019

New 3D printing technology will rapidly transform the manufacturing landscape in South Africa thanks to the partnership between Tarsus Distribution [https://www.tarsusdistribution.co.za/] and Solid Edge Technology [http://www.setech.co.za/]. HP’s breakthrough Multi Jet Fusion technology will be available through Tarsus’s and Solid Edge’s networks, particularly benefiting the automotive, industrial, healthcare, consumer goods markets.

The HP Jet Fusion 4200 3D printer solution enables voxel-level control to produce production quality parts while optimizing productivity and cost . It is the prodigy of the new era of 3D printing technology.

“HP’s Jet Fusion 4200 3D Printing Solution is a catalyst for change in manufacturing applications. This technology drastically reduces cost and downtime,” says Robin Lloyd, Tarsus Distribution General Manager..


“Partnering with Tarsus Distribution and being a key reseller channel for 3D printing technology in South Africa is a significant achievement for us. There is a high demand for this technology, and we are excited to unlock new opportunities for our clients and assist them in bringing their ideas to life,” says Jared de Waal, Business Development Manager at Solid Edge Technology.