Tarsus Technology Group receives Level 1, black-owned, black female-owned and designated Group status

Aug 26, 2019

Tarsus Technology Group has received Level 1 BBBEE (broad-based black economic empowerment) certification, positioning the group as the foremost black-empowered technology solutions partner for the South African channel. The group’s BBBEE score has moved up two levels since its last certificate in 2018. 

The certification means that Tarsus Technology Group and its subsidiary companies are now recognised as black-owned, black female-owned and black designated businesses under the Amended ICT Sector Codes. Group companies include Tarsus Distribution, Tarsus On Demand, Printacom. Tarsus Shared Services and Tarsus Debtors Finance.

Tarsus Technology Group’s new BBBEE status means that it is now an empowering supplier, having exceeded the targets for the scorecard priority elements of ownership, skills development and enterprise & supplier development. It has achieved 135% BBBEE procurement recognition, in turn translating into significant bonus preferential procurement points for dealers, resellers, integrators and other customers that purchase through a Tarsus company.

“I am delighted that our years of investment and work in building an empowered solutions technology and distribution group have culminated in this Level 1 Certification. We will continue to strive to exceed our empowerment targets in the years to come,” says Miles Crips, Group CEO of Tarsus Technologies Group.

“We are treating BBBEE as a strategic priority not merely for compliance, but because we are deeply committed to helping to build a more inclusive ICT industry, creating opportunities for previously excluded people to join the mainstream economy, and building a skills base and business ecosystem that will support socioeconomic development in South Africa.”

Tarsus Technology Group’s move up the BBBEE scorecard this year can be largely attributed to its increased focus on its well-established skills development programme. The group has further aligned its skills programme closely with President Cyril Ramaphosa’s Youth Employment Services (YES) programme.

The group last year  placed around 140 young people who completed its technical support learnership programme in jobs within the Tarsus group or at its enterprise resellers. Some 20 people living with disabilities are currently completing technical or business administration learnerships, with the goal of placing them in permanent employment.

Tarsus is also working closely with emerging resellers to help them grow their businesses, offering benefits such as rebates and access to top skills from its learnership programme for those that meet its criteria. In terms of socioeconomic development, Tarsus has channelled corporate social investment into Siyafunda CTC, a South African organisation working to make IT more accessible to the country’s people.