Backups are the missing element in many organisations’ BYOD strategies

09 Nov 2017

Over the past few years, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has entrenched itself in many large companies’ IT policies and become a part of their organisational culture. CIOs acknowledge that BYOD has enabled the workforce to become more mobile, productive and efficient, yet they also have nagging concerns about information security.


Looks matter more in the notebook market!

08 Nov 2017

Consumers today care as much about how a laptop or notebook looks and feels as they do about the components inside and the operating system that drives it, a trend that has prompted most computer manufacturers to rethink their design priorities. The result is that the dull, heavy notebook is rapidly becoming a historical artefact.


5 steps to legally compliant disposal of your e-waste

16 Oct 2017

Whether you’re running a small enterprise or manage a large organisation, responsible disposal of electronic waste (e-waste) should be high on your agenda. Not only is it the right thing to do for the environment, it is also necessary to comply with a range of laws that have come into force over the past few years.


Tarsus Distribution unveils the next generation of converged infrastructure—HPE Synergy

31 Jul 2017

Tarsus Distribution has announced the local availability of HPE Synergy from Hewlett Packard Enterprise – a converged infrastructure platform that provides a single solution for all applications and operational models, from traditional to cloud. The ‘composable infrastructure’ platform enables IT departments to achieve significant cost-savings, streamline management of traditional and cloud native applications, and rapidly deliver new services and applications that support the growth of the business


Instant photo prints with a printer in your pocket

26 Jul 2017

Sharing your memories and experiences on social media is great, but sometimes it’s even better to have something more tangible to remember a special day. With the HP Sprocket Photo Printer, available through Tarsus Distribution, people can take a smartphone-sized printer with them everywhere they go.


Resellers must become more agile as cloud commoditises the ICT market

14 Jul 2017

ICT resellers, particularly those operating in the mid-market, must become more agile in how they sell solutions and package them if they are to survive as their clients adopt cloud and as-a-service models to address more of their technology needs


Enterprise customers look to resellers to share the risks of IT deployment

13 Jul 2017

ICT resellers that want to thrive in a changing technology market need to be prepared to share risks with their customers and move towards consumption-based billing models that allow companies to spread their technology procurement costs over a longer period of time.


Tarsus on Demand expands its connectivity portfolio by partnering with BitCo

25 May 2017

Tarsus on Demand, one of South Africa’s leading cloud vendors and hybrid cloud enablement partners, is partnering with tier 1 Internet and telephony provider, BitCo, to offer its resellers the ability to resell affordable voice and data services to their clients.


The channel must retool its salesforce to sell to the cloud customer

25 May 2017

The idea of selling an outcome – a solution to a customer’s need or a problem - rather than selling a tool or product isn’t new. Harvard University marketing professor Theodore Levitt is said to have told his students several decades back that people don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill—they want to buy a quarter-inch hole.