More affordable flash is rapidly reshaping the economics of enterprise storage

11 Jul 2016

The advent of new flash drives based on triple level cell (TLC) 3D NAND technology promise to reshape the enterprise storage market by making solid-state drive (SSD) arrays more affordable than ever – positioning them for wider adoption in the mainstream market. With these advancements, vendors can substantially reduce the cost of high-performing, flash-optimised arrays while also cranking-up the performance of affordable, general purpose arrays. Tuesday, 17 May 2016


Switches made simpler for SMEs

20 Apr 2016

Running a small business network used to be complex, but new-generation switches are making it easier than ever for SMEs to get up-and-running with a robust communications backbone that facilitates collaboration.


Tarsus Technology Group helps resellers address largest and most complex client needs with a complete solution from Dell

06 Apr 2016

Tarsus Distribution, in partnership with other companies in the Tarsus Technology Group, is now able to offer South African resellers access to a full stack of enterprise products, solutions and services based on the Dell enterprise product line. This follows the recent appointment of Tarsus Distribution as only one of two specialised enterprise Dell distributors in South Africa.


High-end monitor gives gamers an edge

16 Mar 2016

The Asus ROG (Republic of Gamers) SWIFT gaming monitor range is available in South Africa as from January 2016, offering users a selection of displays designed to deliver extreme gaming performance. Available through Tarsus Distribution, the ROG SWIFT product portfolio packs in nearly every feature a gamer could ask for.


Intel’s Celeron continues to be a great option for budget PC buyers

23 Feb 2016

Intel’s Celeron range of budget microprocessors continues to play an important role in the desktop and notebook PC markets. The entry-level microprocessor architecture delivers reliable performance at an affordable price, helping to power a range of cost-effective products for the lower end of the PC market.


Mini PCs find a growing niche in the business market

18 Feb 2016

Small form-factor PCs originally designed for home users are finding a growing market among small and medium-sized businesses looking for attractive, affordable and compact solutions for their offices.


Tarsus Distribution makes enterprise-class 10Gb Ethernet affordable for the small business

16 Feb 2016

Tarsus Distribution has announced the availability in South Africa of the HP 1950 Switch Series, which comprise smart web-managed Gigabit Ethernet switches with 10GbE uplinks. The new product is designed for advanced small business customers that need high-performance connections to servers and network storage.


A simple firewall appliance for the small office and home office

09 Feb 2016

Tarsus Distribution has introduced the Dell SonicWALL SOHO Unified Threat Management (UTM) firewalls to South Africa, providing resellers with a simple to deploy and easy to manage firewall appliance for the small office and home (SoHo) market.


Dot matrix printing: there's life in the old dog yet

03 Feb 2016

Who would have thought that dot matrix printers would still be manufactured and find a sizeable niche market in 2015, some 20 years after industry pundits started to predict their imminent demise?