The Cloud is going to be vital to drive business across the channel in 2014.

13 Mar 2014

IT spend is tight and most organisations are holding their budgets close to their chests as they approach yet another year of suppressed markets and wary spenders.


Redefining gaming

27 Feb 2014

The new range of Alienware products from Dell redefines gaming in South Africa.


Savvy solutions for a power-starved market

21 Feb 2014

Data centres need power and this is only going to increase as the demands of Big Data surge across the South African market and the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes a reality.


A high-end solution for an increasingly mobile world

17 Feb 2014

The Lenovo ThinkPad Helix is technology of many talents. In one light, mobile device users are given the flexibility to work in any style they choose be it tablet, Ultrabook, laptop or, as Lenovo says, everything in between.


Plugging the gap in the blade market

11 Feb 2014

The server market seems to wind its way along a path of increasing competitiveness and each passing product seems to look and feel the same.


Microsoft's compelling new server and operating system releases reveal their hidden talents

10 Feb 2014

Microsoft has led a volatile life on the popularity boards and Windows 8 did not help their cause, but the latest advancements and upgrades to Windows 2012 R2 and Windows 8.1


Microsoft Office 365 harnesses the cloud for a channel win

14 Jan 2014

Cloud computing is no longer a pipe dream or geeky name for an unknown entity.


Cloud solutions to drive BYOD adoption across the enterprise

14 Nov 2013

According to a recent report released by Gartner1, cloud systems sit at a total of eight percent of the overall office market and look set to rise to 33 percent by 2017.


Delivering tech that makes the most of Intel’s Haswell architecture

13 Nov 2013

The promises made by Intel’s fourth generation Core processors are exactly what the market needs to hear – power, performance, battery efficiency, reduced weight and cost-effective.