Tarsus upbeat on Windows 8 adoption

09 Jul 2013

Resellers looking to assist clients with an upgrade programme to Windows 8 can be assured that the volume of devices now in the channel is in line with vendor supply


A step towards a secure, connected future

19 Jun 2013

The Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 is exactly what businesses need to merge mobile and desktop and take advantage of the shifting trends in computer technology.


Tight Windows 8-powered machine in business-friendly wrapper

11 Jun 2013

The Dell Latitude 10 is the latestin a line of Windows 8 hybrids that are perfect for the business market, whileoffering some hybrid features on the side. The features and extras built into,and around, the product are ideal for corporate use and travel. It has several stand out features and one of these is the battery.


Tarsus eCommerce site experiences encouraging growth

06 Jun 2013

Tarsus Technologies launched its eCommerce platform in 2011, with the goal of offering its resellers instant access to information on the distributor’s comprehensive product portfolio, as well as pricing, stock availability and the ability to place orders online.


Tarsus complements hardware brands with Norton security products

03 Jun 2013

Tarsus Technologies has entered into a distribution agreement with Symantec and will be offering a complete range of Norton security products to its reseller base


Tablets for kids not just an expensive toy

24 May 2013

There aren't many things you can be sure of in IT, wherepredictions are rarely worth the pixels they're printed on. But it's hard toargue with the explosive growth of tablet computer sales and their enormouspopularity with consumers.


Pierre Spies resigns from Tarsus Technologies; Anton Herbst takes over as interim CEO

21 May 2013

Pierre Spies resigns from Tarsus Technologies; Anton Herbst takes over as interim CEO


Increasing the slice of the margin pie

13 Mar 2013

Want to make the move into the margin-rich world of managed services but not sure you have the time or capability within your business?


HP is to bring its innovative “classroom in a box”

27 Jan 2013

HP is to bring its innovative “classroom in a box”, a low cost solution for educational IT labs based on pre-installed schools equipment and thin client PCs in a refurbished shipping container, to South Africa.